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Commercial Polytunnels

UK Commercial Polytunnels for Sale

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Cost-Effective and High Quality Commercial Polytunnels in the UK

From garden centres to fresh fruit farming, we offer a vast range of cost-effective and high quality UK commercial polytunnels. Our environment friendly commercial polytunnels UK are a perfect choice for any type of commercially growing crops and can be customised according to your needs. All our commercial polytunnels for sale ensure maximum production and protection for your crops. We provide a diverse range of single and multi-span polytunnels that are suitable for your commercial growing. We have invested years of knowledge and experience in designing the single polytunnel, which is best suited for commercial grade farming/gardening. Single span structures are available in 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft and 30ft widths and you can select from either aluminium or timber based kits respectively. If necessary, we can also provide adjustments for hoops and foundation tubes that best suit your requirements.

For Large-Scale Farming Gardening and Other Creative Commercial Uses

Simultaneously, our multi-span commercial polytunnels for sale are perfect for all kinds of large scale gardening or farming. You will find our multi-span commercial polytunnels UK in a number of variations that individually cater to your commercial needs. Our commercial polytunnels UK can be easily furnished with other facilitative commercial growth equipment. We understand the importance of providing value for your money, which is why we strive to provide you with best quality commercial polytunnels that are cost-effective at the same time. We value your feedback and encourage all our clients to ensure satisfaction regarding their commercial polytunnel orders. If you are unsatisfied, then one of our specialists will examine the faults and make sure they can the job done right instantly.

Shade halls are one of the most intricately designed and sturdy structures and are used to protect your trees and shrubs from the scorching sunrays and gusty winds. This bespoke commercial polytunnel for sale is an appropriate solution to growing vines, trees and shrubs for commercial purpose due to its salient features. Shade halls permit free air movement, which is an essential element for maintenance of botanic greenhouses and nurseries.  

As well as this, you can also hire one of our representatives for the construction of a commercial polytunnel in the UK. This means you can enjoy peace of mind and have no worries about the construction of your commercial polytunnel. So buy your custom polytunnel today and increase your botanical yield through our high-grade structures.

16ft Wide

16ft Wide Polytunnels

18ft Wide

18ft Wide Polytunnels

20ft Wide

20ft Wide Polytunnels

22ft Wide

22ft Wide Polytunnels

24ft Wide

24ft Wide Polytunnels

26ft Wide

26ft Wide Polytunnels

28ft Wide

28ft Wide Polytunnels

30ft Wide

30ft Wide Polytunnels