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Nationwide Polytunnel Sales and Construction

We sell polytunnels to people across the UK as well as provide domestic and commercial polytunnel construction services for many applications.

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Welcome to Total Polytunnels: Quality UK Polytunnels for Sale

Here at Total Polytunnels we are passionate about, yes you guessed it, polytunnels! We supply, construct, install and refurbish polytunnels structures; from small domestic polytunnels to large scale commercial polytunnel structures, we've got you covered so to speak. Because of our extensive experience and expertise we are able to specialise in providing you with UK polytunnel design, planning and construction solutions that best suit your needs and your budget. If you are considering buying a polytunnel then why not get in contact. We'll give you some great honest and useful advice you can go away with and then make an informed decision so that you buy a polytunnel that works for you. We have polytunnels for sale of all sizes and for all applications so we are confident that not only are we the best people for you to talk to but we are also the best people to supply you.


Order your replacement Polytunnel Covers and accessories for your polytunnel from our online store.


If you have something in mind that we don't have on our website then give us a call and let us do the hard work.


Call us today and save money on your polytunnel needs:

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Domestic Polytunnels for Sale

Need a Polytunnel Kit for Your Garden or Allotment? No Problem... You can buy quality domestice polytunnel kits made in the UK to suit your garden or allotment - no matter how big or small. Whether you just want to grow a few vegetables as a hobby or you want to be self-sufficient, we have a polytunnel to suit!

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Commercial Polytunnels for Sale

Need a Larger Polytunnel Kit for Your Business? No Problem... From garden centres to fresh fruit farming, we offer a vast range of cost-effective quality commercial polytunnels. These polytunnels are a perfect choice for any type of commercially growing crops and can be customised according to your needs.

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Meet some of our loyal customers...

The lovely guys from Total Polytunnels were very professional when they came to install our polytunnel . We even got a free seed starter kit 

which came in very handy. 

Brenda Welsh, Bristol



Keep Things Simple and Check Out Our Quick Start UK Polytunnel Kits

Quickstart UK Polytunnel Kits 

If you just want to get stuck in and bag a one of our great polytunnel deals saving you 10% then check out our Quick Start Polytunnel Kits and get everything you need in one go! Why complicate things...?

> Check out the 10% off deals on our Quick Start Polytunnel Kits NOW!



6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft 16ft





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